Our education program is happening from the the last three years .

With the help from Menda foundation we have been able to create an endowment fund The interest from the funds helps us to support the education of about 30 students from the really Low economic strata of society,again no discrimination of caste.we look largely to support the girl child .

We are currently working on our project of supplying free food to the general ward patients. From April,2016 we are supporting the breakfast for the patients.

Besides this ,during the dialysis the patients are allowed to have a glass of juice ,which otherwise they are forbidden to have .In amonth we provide about 960 juice tetra packs to the patients.This is also on from the last few years.

  • We have an endowment of 13 lakhs , which enables us to give 240 free dialysis in a heart to the very needy n deserving patients.
  • Dialysis is very expensive. It is subsidized in the hospital. As even this is the out of reach for many patients,we extend help.
  • This project is on from four years now.
  • We receive donation from people on their birthdays or anniversaries. We extend these donation to the patients in their name.

Our fund raiser is for this purpose now.


We also have the tax benefit no.(80g) clause .The donors will get the tax benefit.

It could be mentioned that we accept donations for any of the ongoing projects

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